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4 Ways to Save Money on Your Utility Bills This Summer

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For some people, summer means trips to the beach, friendly neighborhood barbeques, and soaking up the warm sunshine. For others, it means cranking the air conditioning and increased utility bills. So, The Whittaker in Trenton, New Jersey has a few tips for staying cool this summer without breaking the bank.

Own an Energy Star Efficient Home

At The Whittaker, all of our homes are Energy Star certified, which means they were built to specific standards that keep your home sealed. So, when you run your air conditioning, the cold air stays inside your home and the hot, summer air doesn’t seep in. While this may seem like a simple detail, it’s one that can make tons of difference in the bill that shows up in your mailbox each month.

Just by having efficient Energy Star equipment, you can save $115 annually on your energy bill, according to the Energy Star website. That could be a nice dinner out, a fun outdoor concert, or even a few fresh items to spruce up your summer wardrobe.

Run Your Air Conditioner Efficiently

While it’s tempting to come home after a day in the sun, drastically lower the thermostat, and feel a nice arctic breeze, this simple action could be costing you a lot each month. Fortunately, there’s a great way to capitalize on the time you’re out of your house and keep your home cool for when you walk in the door.

Energy Star thermostats come with a program setting that allows you to set periods of time throughout the week when you’re away from home. So, your thermostat can know when you’re at work, bring the temperature to one that saves energy and then drop it down before you get home. According to the Energy Star website, you can save $180 every year in energy costs by using pre-programmed settings.   

Another common mistake people make when trying to keep their home cool is failing to change their air filter regularly. A to-do list item that takes only a few minutes can make your air conditioner run more efficiently because it doesn’t have to work as hard to process the clean, cold air.

The Energy Star website recommends checking your filter every month especially during winter and summer. If it looks dirty after a month, you should change it, but at a minimum, filters should be changed at least every 3 months.

“A clean filter will also prevent dust and dirt from building up in the system — leading to expensive maintenance and/or early system failure,” Energy Star explains.

Take Advantage of Natural Sunlight

Saving money in summer isn’t just about temperature and utilizing natural sunlight can be a great, simple way to cut down on your electricity bill. With all of this great sunlight, there’s less of a need to turn on all those energy-sucking light bulbs from your lamps. And when you’re not home, close your curtains because the sun can heat up your home and cause the AC to have to work harder. Plus, you can’t enjoy the view anyway if you aren’t home.

Experiencing the changing seasons is even better in a home you own and at The Whittaker, you can own a 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, condominium for only $1,010/month* in Trenton, New Jersey.

Are you excited about becoming a homeowner but unsure how you’ll cover the closing costs? The Whittaker is offering $2,000 for closing costs and options!**

Owning a home is simple and to get the process started, all you have to do is contact us!  


*Mortgage, taxes, insurance, condo fee [30 year fixed rate mortgage HMFA at 4.5% current interest rate; zero down]**Must Use Whittaker independent preferred lender subject to conditions. Offer may be discontinued or modified at any time without notice.  For qualified buyers.

Why Rent When You Could Own for Less Than Rentals in the Area?

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Trenton, New Jersey  has a historic charm, entertainment, and it’s central location makes it easy for its residents to hop on a train to New York or Philadelphia. So, it’s no wonder that builders want to build here and people want to live here.  However, it is a wonder why someone would want to rent when they could own a place for even less!

Down the street from The Whittaker is a building full of rentals. A two bedroom apartment costs $2,000 a month … to rent.

At The Whittaker you can OWN a two bedroom, two level, condominium for $1,217 a month. That’s a savings of OVER $700 a month! Not to mention the savings you get from just being a homeowner. When you’re renting, your landlord can continue to raise your rent and if you decide to move, you don’t get anything in exchange for all those rent checks that were cashed.

If you own at The Whittaker, your mortgage payment won’t increase and if you decide to move, guess what? You’re selling your place for a price you want and you’re walking away with your profit.

 During an interview with CNBC, self-made millionaire David Bach explained that as a renter, someone can easily spend $540,000 over a 30-year period. For far less than that amount, you can own your condominium at The Whittaker and spend those 30 years paying down a mortgage. In the end, you could own your home free and clear.

Just to drive the benefits of owning versus renting home, he declared:

The average homeowner to this day is 38 times wealthier than a renter.

All of our homes are Energy Star certified and BRAND NEW, which means that your monthly utility payments may be even lower than what they are now.

If you’re worried about the down payment, don’t be. We offer zero down payment mortgages and closing costs for qualified buyers, which makes owning a home at The Whittaker an even better deal.

Plus, the rentals down the street charge you a $75 non-refundable application fee. Whereas when you decide to pursue home ownership with us, your application comes with absolutely no charge. So, since it doesn’t cost anything to you and you can actually save money by becoming a homeowner, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

Claribel Santiago (609) 695-3300

Spring Sale!

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Spring Sale!

Own one of our BRAND NEW homes for even LESS!

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom











*For Qualified Buyers Subject to Conditions. Includes mortgage, taxes, insurance, condo fee.

The Whittaker Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick's Day Photo

St. Patrick’s day is coming up and we’re just as excited as you to celebrate. Why? Because just blocks from The Whittaker there’s going to be good food, good music and good times to be had by all. That’s right, I’m talking about Trenton Social. Trenton Social is hosting the official after party to the Trenton Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, a 31 year old tradition that’s been kept alive in one of the oldest cities in New Jersey. The parade starts at 2:00 PM on the steps of St. Anthony’s and the party at Trenton Social will be going until 7 PM with special music guests and award winning food vendors.

Sure St. Patrick’s Day is one of the luckiest days of the year but we like to keep the luck going all year for our homeowners. With 2 & 3 Bedroom Condominiums starting at $1,206/month, 30 year fixed payment mortgage and ZERO down payment, you can’t get much luckier than this when it comes to home ownership.

You don’t need Irish luck to own a brand new home you love, all you need is a quick trip to The Whittaker. Contact Claribel Santiago today! 609-695-3300

The Whittaker – The Perfect Valentine

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Valentine’s Day is here and if there’s one thing that everyone’s feeling right now – it’s love. Sure it’s great to be in love with somebody but for us over here at The Whittaker our love isn’t quite for somebody as much as it’s for somewhere. 

This year our Valentine is The Whittaker, personally, we think it’s got all the best attributes, making it the perfect Valentine.

It’s attractive – with a  brick front facade and a chic, modern interior. The Whittaker is extremely loyal, with Zero Down Payment and 30 Year Fixed Payment Mortgages you’ll never find yourself looking for another home again. The Whittaker is also extremely accommodating, as an Energy Star Certified home and separate thermostats in each home you’ll be able to adjust the heat and air conditioning to fit your preference without breaking your budget.

See? The PERFECT companion for Valentine’s Day!

Whether you have another Valentine or not for this February 14th, it’s time you checked out all The Whittaker has to offer! Contact Claribel Santiago today! 609-695-3300


It’s Cold Outside – Warm Up At The Whittaker

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With the weather dropping it’s easy to get caught up in wanting to stay inside your home. But what happens when your home isn’t actually your home? Sure, you might have rented it for years but without being able to paint walls, change carpets and build your own wealth – what really makes your home yours?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to come home to your own home, a home you owned, a home that you knew you could warm up in without blowing your budget? Yes, the answer is yes.

Look no further! With energy efficient homes and individual meters you won’t find yourself racking up your electric bill or paying for someone else’s usage. Did I mention your home is brand new? That means you won’t be feeling those drafts that come through the walls of older homes every time the wind blows.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Claribel Santiago to set up your tour of The Whittaker today, it’s time you were able to feel cozy in a home of your own. 609-695-3300

Trenton Food Truck Festival

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The weather’s dropping and school’s started, signaling the end of summer and the beginning of fall. But like all other things in life, “good things fall apart so better things can come together.” This Saturday join all of us at The Whittaker at the Trenton Food Truck Festival, hosted by Trenton Social. From Noon to 8 PM you can enjoy food, music and for those of us with little kids, head across the street from the Mercer County Improvement Authority’s 12th Annual Touch-a-Truck!


From pizza & wings to pork roll and Peruvian cuisine there’s something for everyone to enjoy. And for those of you who wish you could eat your fill and then unwind at home there’s no better time than the present to set up an appointment to come see The Whittaker. After all, the only thing better than a day taste-testing food trucks, is taste-testing food trucks and then being able to walk 2 blocks and be on your couch.


So what are you waiting for? Contact Claribel Santiago and set up your appointment to tour The Whittaker today! 609-695-3300



The Whittaker’s Summer Activity Must Have!

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Well, it’s that time of year again. Back to school commercials are on TV, crowds are gathering at Target, Walmart and Staples to fill backpacks with notepads and pencils, all to ensure a successful school year. BUT before we really let the looming fall depression set in, there’s still time to get your friends, get outside and have some fun!


Did you know that only minutes from The Whittaker in Trenton, NJ is the Delaware River? Sure, you may know the Delaware from the iconic painting of good ole’ George Washington crossing it to stage a surprise attack on the British BUT I bet you never thought YOU can cross it too! Well, not exactly cross it, more like float down the Delaware but you get where I’m going with this.


Now thanks to Delaware River Tubing you and your family and friends can get together on a gorgeous Saturday and tube, kayak, canoe or even raft down the Delaware! Curious what exit Chick-fil-a is off the Delaware? Not to worry, free with every ticket is a BBQ meal at the Famous River Hot Dog Man!


So what are you waiting for? Time is ticking and if my summer sun dial is correct you’ve only got a few more weekends left before the school year starts!



The Whittaker Loves The Capital City Market

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Over here at The Whittaker we’re always looking for fun ways to get outside and enjoy the neighborhood. That’s why we LOVE The Capital City Market, located only a few blocks from The Whittaker.


For those of us at the office it’s a great way to get outside and get refreshed from the grind at the workday…plus we get to meet up with our favorite Sales Associate, Claribel Santiago.


Every Thursday from 11:00 A.M to 2:00 P.M at the Mill Hill Park, you’ll find some great vendors at great prices. From food to household products to art there’s something for everyone, and if you aren’t in the mood to shop you can enjoy the sunshine while you browse.  After all, nothing goes better with a brand new home of your own than custom soaps that look like cupcakes!

Want a home fit for cupcake soaps? Contact Claribel Santiago and set up your appointment to tour The Whittaker today! 609-695-3300


Levitt Amp Trenton Music Series

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Summer’s a great time for getting outside and spending time with your friends and family. But what if you want all the fun without all of the costs? Then you’ve come to the right place because The Whittaker is always trying to save you money, inside AND outside your home!


Every Saturday from  July 25th until September 26th, the Capital Green in Trenton, NJ will be hosting a FREE concert! This Saturday, July 25th, grab your family and friends and head over to the Capital Green lawn at 7 PM to enjoy some time outside as the sounds of Jimmy Bosch fills the summer air. The jazz and salsa trombonist is sure to have something for everyone with his songs filled with elements of Afro-Cuban mambo, contemporary rock, 70’s New York Salsa and even the Beatles!


I know what you’re thinking, I LOVE the idea of music outdoors but parking can be such a hassle. Here at The Whittaker we’re always thinking about YOU and fortunately when you’re living at The Whittaker a night out is never far away. At only half a mile away, Capital Green is your walking destination!

Click here to learn more about Levitt Amp Trenton Music Series!

Want to enjoy all the perks of city living without the city hassles? Contact Claribel Santiago and set up your tour of The Whittaker today! 609-695-3300

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