Why Warren Buffett Thinks You Should Own a Home

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The Whittaker in Trenton, New Jersey, knows that buying a home is a great way to build wealth and live a more fulfilling life, but you don’t have to take our word for it – just listen to Warren Buffett.

Buffett, who is worth about $80 billion, purchased a home in Laguna Beach, California, in 1971 for $150,000 and recently listed it for a whopping $11 million. During an interview with CNBC, he called a 30-year mortgage the “best instrument in the world.”

“Because if you’re wrong and rates go to 2 percent, which I don’t think they will, you pay it off,” he explained. “It’s a one-way renegotiation. It is an incredibly attractive instrument for the homeowner and you’ve got a one-way bet.”

Unlike many of our competitors, at The Whittaker, we only offer our homeowners a 30-year fixed rate mortgage because we know that when you buy a home, you want it to be a choice you can believe in. With fixed mortgages, your rates won’t go up, which means it’s an even more attractive instrument for homeowners.

Each year, Buffett writes a letter to his shareholders to address the profits from the year before. During one letter to shareholders, Buffett addressed low-interest rates and great prices and said, “Home ownership makes sense for most Americans.”

He expanded on his belief and said that the third-best investment he made was purchasing his home. For those of you who are wondering, the two best investments he made were “wedding rings.”

While Buffett is a firm believer in becoming a homeowner and the value in paying your own mortgage instead of writing a rent check to pay your landlord’s mortgage, he cautioned against over-extending yourself. Fortunately, at The Whittaker in Trenton, New Jersey, you can have your dream home and keep your mortgage payments at a price you can afford.

You can own a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, condominium for only $1,010/month!* And, all of our homeowners can take advantage of our preferred lenders deal and receive $2,000 towards closing costs!** So, you aren’t overextending your budget, you’re possibly paying less than what you would in rent, and you’re buying a home to build wealth for yourself instead of your landlord.

All Whittaker homes are built with our buyers in mind. Each home comes complete with brand new appliances and your choice of carpet, tile, cabinets, and countertops. With various different floor plans to choose from, there’s a home for every kind of buyer.

All of our buyers are encouraged to take advantage of our preferred lender program and receive up to $2,000 towards closing costs!**

If you’re reading this, you’ve already been paying rent for far too long. We think buying a home is a good idea, Warren Buffett thinks buying a home is a good idea, so what are you waiting for? It’s time you believed that you can be a homeowner and contact us today!

* Mortgages for qualified buyers. Mortgage, taxes, insurance, condo fee [30 year fixed rate mortgage HMFA at 4.5% current interest rate; zero down] **Must Use Whittaker independent preferred lender subject to conditions. Offer may be discontinued or modified at any time without notice.  For qualified buyers.

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